Super communicative before, during and after the install… I have only compliments.

Jeremy and the entire team at Brighten Solar are fantastic. From the no pressure sales approach to being super communicative before, during and after the install I have only compliments.

I had been researching solar panels for a couple years and received one or two quotes from vendors who did remote estimates based on a Google Maps view of my home. What I liked about Jeremy’s approach is he visited in person, reviewed the job site, panel location, etc.

My situation is a bit unique in that I live in a mixed use property and am considered a commercial customer by SCE. Jeremy & I discussed my current energy needs and future wants which include the charging of an electric car. We also discussed the pros and cons of a house battery and Jeremy’s advice was to hold off due to my current rate plan. He was also more than willing to price the job a couple different ways including installing additional panels at a later date, deferring some of the cost and tax rebates.

Permitting took a few weeks but once we gained town approval the job took about 2.5 days. The install team was super receptive to my wishes about locating the internal cables and connecting to the panel. I’m now generating 25-26kw per day from my 14 panel system!

Thank you Jeremy, Marine, Kelly, Lauren and the install team!