Gautier Meyers

Gautier Meyers

Gautier has spent the last 8 years founding and running Synergetik SARL, one of the most successful turnkey solar companies in France. Customer service, extreme attention to detail and quality were the foundations of Synergetik SARL and the main ingredients to the company’s success. Synergetik SARL is a key company and has installed more than 10 MW of solar energy, mainly in the southeast region of France.

As France is a very touristic country with a rich architectural heritage to preserve, solar has to be added meticulously to preserve the building’s authenticity and character. Since inception, aesthetics have been Synergetik’s focus for solar installations and Brighten Solar aims at doing the same here in the Central Coast of California.

Gautier constantly looks forward to improve solar implementation and has developed innovative financing models to utilize roof space and increase solar energy generation.

Synergetik recently bought Sunrente, SunPower’s leasing program in France and will expand its network considerably by this new acquisition.