David Ferrin

Operations Manager
David Ferrin

As a southern California native with over 30 years of practical experience in design and construction, David has blended his academic excellence and architectural education with the passion for environmental preservation and design.

David’s activism and creativity to solve problems has gained him a good reputation in the community. He has been successful in addressing community and agency issues and his efforts in environment preservation have gained him the respect of many, including the Ventura Chamber of Commerce who presented him with the Environmental Excellence Poinsettia award in 2005, and the City of Ojai honor for Outstanding New Mixed-Use Building Design in 2006.

David’s long standing concern for sustainability led him to become an active member of the Midtown Ventura Community Council (MVCC) since 2002, including four years as Chair. David’s multiple accomplishments include the MVCC Environmental Design Checklist, a method for the community council to evaluate proposed projects and give community feedback to the city and applicant; and landscape projects at community public schools utilizing conservation, permeability, and retention practices using regional native plants. Under David’s leadership the MVCC achieved the County of Ventura 2015 Earth Day Award.

David has served as a member of the “View Protection & Solar Access Task Force” and has been a part of City of Ventura Artist selection panels for selection of public artwork. In 2011 David was appointed to the City of Ventura Planning Commission and the Design Review Committee by City Council. He is an environmental activist, a longtime resident and business owner in Midtown Ventura. His concern for others and the willingness to give back to the community has gained him the trust of clients, community members and stakeholders.