Green Tip: Community Involvement

Green Tip: Community Involvement

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Getting Involved with Environmental Organizations in Your Community

One of the best ways to be an environmentalist is through local activism! Community involvement is a driving factor in political and systematic change – if everyone could dedicate some energy to an environmental cause we would be actively working toward a more just, sustainable future.

Activism comes in many shapes and sizes. You can spend spare time campaigning for environmental regulations, you can attend protests and marches to make your voice heard, or you can volunteer with local organizations. If dedicating your time isn’t feasible, you can also choose to donate money or resources to environmental non-profits in your community. Another way to support environmental organizations is to share their information on social media and promote their important work!

Check with local non-profit organizations to see how you can get involved! We are going to highlight a handful of environmental organizations in the Santa Barbara area that we support, but we welcome you to choose another organization to get involved with if it aligns more with your interests.

If you do not live in the Santa Barbara area, we recommend doing some research to find great organizations in your area. You can also research issues that you support to see which non-profits are addressing them!

Time and money are very valuable resources – use yours to stand up for something you believe in! Whether you choose to participate in rallies or donate to important campaigns, you can be an environmental activist.

Local Environmental Organizations

This list highlights just a few of the amazing environmental non-profits in our community, and there are many others to volunteer with or donate to. The following information was taken from their respective websites, but there is more in depth info on their work as well; follow the links on the organization name to learn more.

Environmental Defense Center
The Environmental Defense Center works to protect and enhance the local environment through education, advocacy, and legal action. The EDC has empowered community-based organizations to advance environmental protection. Their program areas include climate and energy, protecting open space and wildlife, clean water, and the Santa Barbara Channel.

Community Environmental Council
CEC’s mission is to identify, advocate, and raise awareness about the most pressing environmental issues in the Santa Barbara region. Today, CEC is focused on pioneering real life solutions in areas with the biggest impact on climate change – most notably energy, transportation, and food systems.

CAUSE’s mission is to build grassroots power to invoke social, economic and environmental justice for the people of California’s Central Coast Region through policy research, leadership development, organizing, and advocacy. CAUSE’s vision is that together we can create a global community where we all contribute to, and benefit from, a sustainable economy that is just, prosperous and environmentally healthy.

Santa Barbara ChannelKeeper
SB ChannelKeeper is a grassroots non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and restore the Santa Barbara Channel and its watersheds through science-based advocacy, education, field work and enforcement. They work on the water and in the communities along the Santa Barbara Channel to monitor water quality, restore aquatic ecosystems, advocate for clean water, enforce environmental laws, and educate and engage citizens in implementing solutions to water pollution and aquatic habitat degradation.

Sierra Club – Los Padres Chapter
Throughout its long history, the Sierra Club has been an ardent advocate for sound environmental policy at the local, state and federal levels. The Los Padres Chapter encompasses everything from National Forest Wilderness areas of the San Ynez Mountains to the Channel Islands National Park in the Santa Barbara Channel – issues range from traditional Sierra Club concerns with forest management and wilderness to the urban and growing problems with land use and energy development.

Fish Reef Project
The Fish Reef Project is the next great ocean enhancement and restoration project which will turn empty seafloor into thriving marine ecosystems which will be home, breeding and feeding grounds to millions of marine mammals, sea birds, turtles, fish, lobster, abalone, scallops, marine algae and much more. The reefs will stimulate all manner of marine life and help the seafloor recover thousands of acres of silted-in, dead or dying reefs in tropical and temperate marine ecosystems.
What does being an environmental activist mean to you? Determine how you can get involved and know that you are making a difference in your community.

What does being an environmental activist mean to you? Determine how you can get involved and know that you are making a difference in your community.

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