COP21 – an important win for the planet!


 Credit: EPA

Credit: EPA

Did you follow COP21 discussions in Paris a few weeks ago? Gautier (one of Brighten’s members for the ones who don’t know him yet) spent a couple of days at the conference, advocating for solar and meeting with other leaders of the Renewable Energy industry. After two weeks of intense negociations, for the first the time in history, the world’s countries have committed to take action on Climate Warming.  As a reminder, the main stake of the conference was to make countries sign an agreement in which they would commit, through concrete and planned actions, to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. According to climate specialists and scientists, it is absolutely necessary that we keep global warming under 2 degree Celsius by 2100. Reaching this goal was the main stake of the conference.

The ratification of the Paris Agreement is for sure a strong signal sent to the world, translating the urgency to protect the environment and the future generation.

The road will be tough though and this 2-degree target is a big challenge. So far, based on the roadmaps submitted by 196 countries, and considering that all actions will be taken, we would still be above the threshold, at about 3 degree Celsius of warming.

Theory and roadmaps need to be translated into actual actions now, and we all have our parts in this fight.

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