Brighten Solar and DELux LED are partnering up!

Brighten Solar and DELux LED are partnering up!


We’re so pleased to announce our new partnership with DELux LED, a local LED lighting manufacturer and distributor.

From this partnership between our two companies, new synergies will emerge to provide Brighten Solar’s and DELux LED’s residential and commercial customers more comprehensive solutions for energy conservation.

With no mercury in its components, LED lights not only save energy and money but are also more environmentally friendly than CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights). Being more expensive to buy, they nevertheless last longer than traditional bulbs and pay for themselves over time. Like solar, LEDs are an investment to save energy and money. By now being able to provide LED + Solar packages, we believe this new offering better meets our customers expectations.

  1. We first optimize a building’s energy efficiency by upgrading its lighting with LEDs.
  2. We install fewer solar panels to offset the remaining electricity usage.

Located in Goleta, California, DELux LED has been manufacturing high quality LED lighting for over 10 years. Last year, DELux LED worked with hundreds of local businesses and residents. The company’s reputation is based on quality (all their LEDs have a 5-year warranty) and exceptional customer service.

What we love most about DELux LED are their constant innovations, whether to provide a wider range of light colors or to help their customers finance their lighting upgrade (they came up with the PAYS program – Pay As You Save, which as its name suggests, helps people pay for the bulbs as they reduce their electricity usage and then save them money). Jason and Jamie Weaver are wonderful people to partner with and we can’t get enough of their great energy!

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