What stakes for the COP21?

Speaking of Climate Change, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, more known as COP21 or 21st Conference of Parties, is just around the corner. Starting next Monday, November the 30th, Heads of States and worldwide political leaders will meet in Paris to discuss Climate Change and try to find the adequate solutions to tackle it in a new international agreement on Climate Change, applicable to all, to keep global warming below 2°C. The ultimate goal is to keep global warming below 2°C between now and 2100. 2°C would be the threshold beyond which global warming would have serious consequences.

The conference will establish rules and mechanisms capable of increasing levels to keep it within the 2°C range by presentations from all countries on their contributions to the cause thus far. It will touch on the financial aspect that will enable support for developing countries and the transition towards low-carbon economies. The conference will work to strengthen the communities of these civil societies and create action prior to the force in the future agreement for 2020.

We’re personally very excited about this upcoming conference and looking forward to seeing what the world leaders came up with. With the largest expected attendance for this conference, cameras will be turned on Paris and its outcome should be announced no later than December 11th.

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