Renewable energy could ease international tension


Renewable energy could offer security to tension between global entities. By making the move to renewable energy countries can become energy independent and not rely on others to power their homes, businesses, and cities.  By creating energy from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, and geothermal heat countries that rely heavily on outside sources can begin to look inward at creating their own solutions.  Countries who create most of their own energy become self-reliant and do not have to worry about sanctions or restrictions, put on by warring countries, that could hinder the countries ability to function.

Another benefit of moving to renewable energy is the loss of concern that the energy source will run out. Replacing nuclear plants and coal, natural resources will not run out as long as earth is still around. Germany is focusing largely on wind power, due to its lack of sun, and is exploring ways to generate most of its power from these natural resources. The next step is finding ways to store all this naturally produced energy.  People are hard at work to create plants and factories to store the renewable energy created for future use.

Once all the pieces are in line and countries are producing their own energy the hope is that it will ease a lot of international tension created by reliance on others. Countries will not be help back by fear of running out of energy options or getting sources cut off when they can produce it themselves. This idea is helping to propel countries, like Germany, to find these solutions and implement them as soon as possible helping move forward the technology behind renewable energy.