Robert Caiza

Lead Solar Installer
Robert Caiza

Robert Caiza has more than a decade of diverse experience in alternative energy under his belt. He’s progressed through a variety of positions since starting his career as a PV installer—lead installer, apprentice electrician, solar consultant, production monitor, and energy supervisor.

Robert gets his everyday inspiration from spending time outdoors, communing with nature on land and in the sea. He loves hiking, surfing, camping, and bicycling (and, as often as possible sharing those activities with his son, Gabe).

He’s a salsa dancer extraordinaire and has danced in performances and volunteered to teach the basics for the salsa community he enjoys.

A member of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition Board since 2005, Robert is an avid cyclist. Over the years, he’s taught new bicyclists how to ride safely, helped cyclists learn to repair their own bikes, volunteered to help out at numerous community events, and helped advocate for safer cycling infrastructure in the community.

Robert has a passion for community and for the environment. He sees his work as more than just a job; for him, it’s a way to help out and be part of the blueprint for taking care of the planet.